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Boyfriend eiectus jeans, ampliores Harem

Some days are meant for denim and these jeans have a unique style and ultra comfortable fit. You'll be the coolest girl on the block in these loose-fitting, faded and worn looking Boyfriend Harem Jeans.

Amplify your street style by adding some combat boots and your favorite 90's concert t-shirt to these baggy harem trousers. Or go Grunge with a faded tee and hoodie. You can also sweeten it up with a flowery hippie tank top, Birkenstock sandals and put some flowers in your hair. You can express yourself in so many ways, it is up to you to create the look you crave!

  • Material: Denim
  • Length: Longitudo plena
  • fit; solve
  • Material: Cotton
  • fabricae: Denim
  • Agricola: elastic Waist
  • exemplum: solidum
  • alvo: mid










70 108cm,






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