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Art Inspired Hooded Cloak

Be mysterious and bold in this Art Inspired Hooded Cloak as it flows behind you. This cloak will add an elegant touch to any outfit you choose with its simple shape and structure and its watercolor print adds personality and flare. You will be a walking art piece and sure to be the star of the show once you tie this hooded cloak on. Pair this art inspired piece with a neutral colored dress to let the art design shine or with a solid print blouse and trousers and add some sparkle with a chunky bracelet.
  • Material: Linen, cotton & cashmere
  • Agricola Type: Belt
  • Longitudo manicae: Cap Sleeve T
  • Style: Fortuitus
  • Features: Flowers
  • torquem: Corvus
  • Type: A lineam,
  • Fabricae Type: atque subtemine
  • exemplum: Print
  • Longitudo indumentis, X-Long




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