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African Apud V-collum veste Midi

Perfect when paired with a hat and a scarf, this casual and loose fitting dress will comfortably take you from day to night.

The African printed design adds a casual and feminine touch to the dress while the cotton material makes you move with ease. Feeling a bit chilly? Wear leggings and ankle boots with this dress for a more sophisticated look.

  • silhouette: solve
  • Style: Finita vindemia
  • Vestibulum Longitudo; Mediam suram attingentes
  • Features: vel fimbriam
  • waistline: Natural
  • Material: Cotton
  • Longitudo manicae: medium
  • neckline: V-Ne
  • exemplum: Print


Bust: 160cm; Longitudo: 110cm; Longitudo sleeve de humero, 43cm

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