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Florum sume vestem, et sericum libros linteos

This dress can be your next favorite piece with its loose fit and no-frills design that you can wear anytime. This fun and comfy dress can be worn as a maxi dress or a shirt dress depending on your styling needs.

The long sleeves of the dress are loose and will be comfortable as you go about your day. The solid color of the dress works well with necklaces, statement earrings, and bangles. Shoes won't be a problem since you can wear flip-flops, sandals, boots, and flats with it.

The dress is available in fun colors such as Black, Grey, Green, and White.

  • Material: Linen and Silk
  • Sleeve Length(cm): Three Quarter
  • Season: Gloria
  • Style: Casual

magnitudine Information
M: imagine 98cm: longitudo 120cm, sleeves 36cm

L. imaginem 102cm: longitudo 121cm, sleeves 37cm

XL 106cm imaginis longitudine 122cm, manicas 38cm .

XXL Bust 110cm longitudine 123cm, manicas 38cm

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