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omnes Bottoms

When people think of bottoms most think of the typical jeans, shorts, and skirts. Little do they know there are so many more options to choose from! At Buddhatrends we have a variety of bottoms that many have never seen before. So, if you want a unique look, shop through all we have to offer!

If you want an elegant look, a street look, a casual look, or a pair of bottoms just to lounge in at home; scrolling through our collection you are sure to find the perfect pair for you.

A sense of maturity and sophistication radiates from our Braccae palatio Gris libros linteos that flow with each stride you take. All of our Braccae Palatium offer comfort and style in one, and, are available in different patterns as well as a variety of colours. We suggest them to every woman looking for a unique look that adds poise to their outfit.

At the other end of the fashion spectrum, Braccae qua electae virgines offer a playful and cool style to add to your everyday look. Though they don’t just stop there when it comes to adding to your style. Dancers tend to be drawn to Harem Pants due to the flexibility they offer and yoga fans wear these for the same reasons, but, if they all came to Buddhatrends they would find a wide variety of patterns and styles to wear both at the dance and yoga studio. Our Elephantus niger Braccae apud Harem et Tribus Boho rubrum Braccae Harem, for example, would be perfect for the woman heading to do her daily exercise.

At Buddhatrends we also offer Hippie Pants, Braccae c Wide, Braccae linteis, Vintage cum braccis, Tum Hipster Jeans with our signature Buddhatrends twist.

We have a wide variety of bottoms to choose from for every occasion and for every woman. If you search through our All Bottoms collection we guarantee you won’t be able to leave without finding something perfect for you!


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